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What is Co-packing, And
Why Use It?

The whole production process can be quite expensive, so many brands use co-packing services. In this article we would like to talk about what is co-packing and why should you use it for your coffee or tea brand.

What is co-packing and who is a co-packer?

A co-packer (or a contract packer) is a company that labels and packages different products for clients. Co-packing services may be used to a wide range of products like food and beverages, powders, beauty products, clothing, and many others. It is used in different retail, commercial, and trade industries.

In several cases, a co-packer can also provide such services as producing, processing, and blending all the ingredients. They may offer the option of manufacturing the product before shipping it to the client for packaging and labeling.

Reasons to use co-packing services

There are numerous reasons why a company should use co-packer services. If you need help in developing, packaging, and labeling your products, an experienced co-packer can guide you through this complex process.

Below are several situations when you will likely need co-packer services:

  1. Your customers buy products faster than you can produce them.
  2. You require more time to focus other business growth areas such as marketing.
  3. You are going to launch a new product but don’t have the time or special equipment to manufacture it.

Co-packing allows business to perform big projects without using extra manufacturing capacity, equipment, and staff. You can save money by using this convenient and cost-effective option to introduce new products to the market.

By outsourcing packaging and production process to a co-packer, you can focus on branding or sales to grow your business in future.

Co-packing is especially beneficial in the coffee and tea industry. It can help you deal with coffee and tea blending, coffee roasting, testing, flavoring, and other things. Rather than trying to fulfill these processes by yourself, consider cooperation with a co-packer with rich experience in the coffee industry.

If you sign an agreement with a co-packer, it will ensure that you’re protected from negligence on the part of your co-packer. It includes a non-disclosure agreement as well, so you can be sure your intellectual property and product formulations won’t be at public access.

Benefits of using co-packing services

1.Reduce of overall costs.
Large scale packaging and fully equipping your facilities is expensive. An experienced co-packer has already made the investments to provide infrastructure with everything they need to produce your private label coffee or tea. While co-packer is responsible for production needs, you can focus on the creation of new unique coffee products.

2.Faster turns.
With years of operation in the coffee industry, co-packer companies can offer you faster turns. The earlier you ask for co-packer services, the faster you may get set up and ready to roll. This way you will ensure shorter lead times as you move to deliver your coffee and tea on store shelves.

3.Increase of scalable capacity.
Being able to scale your production capacity rapidly can be extremely beneficial for your business. Co-packers have the needed facility, qualified workforce, and equipment in order to help you increase production.

4.Use of advanced equipment.
Coffee contract producing and packaging companies purchase the equipment needed to roast and package coffee beans to your exact specifications. Highly modernized facility that co-packers have may also offer commercial-grade lab services to provide third-party analysis of products.

Your coffee co-packer has already certified their facility, so you won’t need to invest the time and money in audits yourself. Ensure that your co-packer has third-party certifications so that products will meet the quality standards.
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