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Questions to Ask Private Label Coffee Supplier

If you are thinking about private labelling your coffee in Vietnam or you already decided to use services of private label coffee roaster, you should learn some information about it to ensure that it is trustworthy and reliable coffee supplier. It is directly responsible for coffee taste which is the most important factor in this case. We want to present several important questions to ask private label coffee roasters before building business relationships with them. These questions may be not exhaustive, but can be used as a starting point.
What questions to ask private label coffee supplier?

№1. How long have you operated in this sphere
The longer they’ve been in business, the higher the possibility that they have formed reputation that you can check and should take into consideration. This can also provide you with an idea of the quality of the products the company supplies. Always request product samples to estimate them before ordering and making a deal with the company.

№2. Do you work on a private label contract basis or as needed?
Considering the fact if the company is going to deliver coffee as needed, or if they require signing contract with them, is very important. Signing contract considers regular deliveries, while the other option gives more freedom so you can decide whether you need to get coffee or not. The choice depends on needs and demands of your business.

№3. Can I visit your coffee roastery and warehouse?
It will allow you to see if their premises are kept clean. Another thing you need to check is whether the company has technicians on staff and the whole system that will solve all problems with equipment. This way you will be sure that your coffee will always be delivered by supplier on time regardless of any equipment issues. Besides, make sure that roastery controls quality throughout the whole process. For instance, find out if it uses shade meters and moisture meters to perform daily tests on every single roast to make sure the coffee is keeping a consistent flavor profile.
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№4. Do you export to other countries? If yes, which are they?

This factor may show reliability too. If some countries permanently use services of the particular company it is more likely that this very supplier offers quality products that are in demand abroad.

№5. What is the minimum order you can provide?

When buying coffee beans from a Vietnamese wholesaler, you also need to be sure that they will be able to provide you the necessary quantity of beans in future. You can find out if they can supply large quantities: the more they offer the more secure and reliable they are.

№6. Do you have any quality certifications?

It is extremely important to check whether supplied coffee beans are certified. Obtaining such certificates as ISO, HACCP, VietGAP, and UTZ shows that the company provides good-quality coffee beans. It will be great bonus to have HALAL certificate too.

№7. How does logistic process work?

Ask how they monitor their shipments and inform you about where your coffee beans are in the shipping process. Figure out what are shipping times, guarantees, what happens if there are delays; ask about payment method, deliver terms, etc. If they offer many options to overcome some problems during the shipping process, they have quite flexible distribution system.

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