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Branding Through Private
Labeling Coffee

If you want to start or expand your coffee business, using private label company services to create or improve your brand is an effective way to do it. Strong brand will shape your identity, increase revenue and form loyal customer base. Right private label company will help you to do it properly and strengthen your positions on the market. Read on to find out how branding through private labeling coffee can boost your business.
How important a branding is

Today, branding is not only logo and name of the company. It reflects the values and principles of your business and distinguishes it from other brands. Strong coffee brand has a strong identity, which helps to build trustful relationships with customers and boost their loyalty. It also helps the company with outliving some market and product trends as it can adapt to them without losing its positions and credibility.

So, a strong brand can increase customer loyalty, build company’s identity, and even give the opportunity to offer a wider variety of coffee or unique products that aren’t available anywhere else.

The rise of private label brands

Before, private label products were considered as low quality and relatively cheap. But this perception is rapidly changing. Now, in terms of quality they can easily compete with well established and famous brands, they gain more and more popularity and recognition.

In 2014, Neilsen conducted out a global research that showed that perception is changing towards positive direction. It said that more than 70% of respondents claimed that the quality of private labels has improved over the last years. In the US, 75% of respondents stated that private labels are a good alternative to established brands and 74% think they are a good value. About 67% of Americans believe that private label products and famous brand’s ones are the same quality.

So, it illustrates that now, private label products are not only affordable, but good quality as well.

Based on such kind of studies, experts expect private labels to significantly increase their market share during the next 3-5 years. Now is a perfect time for coffee businesses as well to enter the market by building their own brand through a private labeling coffee.
Branding through private labeling coffee

Regardless of whether you are a big corporation or growing company, cooperating with private label suppliers can help you to start or grow your coffee brand. You can suggest your own design of package or entrust it to the supplier.

When choosing it, just make sure that it is trustworthy and reputable company by figuring out some moments. For instance, learn how long has it operated in this sphere, what is the minimum order they provide, do they have any quality certifications, how does logistics process work, and others. Here is the article about Questions to ask private label coffee supplier. It provides more detailed information about what you should consider while choosing right coffee supplier.

Ensure that the company provides high quality and consistent products that meet all your requirements. A reliable private label coffee supplier will have years of experience so it may help you with improving a product. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the manufacturing process of your products and stay focused on marketing your brand.

One more advantage of working with private label coffee supplier is that it is a cost-effective way to start your own brand because you don’t have to buy expensive equipment, hire new employees, or manage the supply chain. Private labels will allow you to offer more affordable products than brand name competitors and greatly increase your revenue.

Vietnam Coffee and Tea Co.

Vietnam Coffee and Tea Company is a trustworthy private-label producer based in Vietnam. We can help you with branding your coffee and all other aspects of the necessary processes: taste development, blending, coffee roasting, and packing. Our team of professionals has 7 years of experience working with different brands. If you are looking for reliable coffee supplier in Vietnam contact us to learn more details for possible cooperation!