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Tea Packaging Ideas for Your
Tea Business

Packaging plays quite crucial role if you want to run a successful tea business. Choosing a suitable tea packaging design is as important as blending and tea leaves quality. Good packaging not only protects tea products and preserves its taste and aroma, but creates brand image and distinguishes your tea from competitors’ products. Here are some tea packaging ideas and some things to consider before choosing one.

Several criteria to consider while choosing the best tea packaging

Researches show that a customer needs 7 second to decide if it is worth to buy the product or not. What is more, in one third of such cases, decisions are based on packaging. That’s why it is very important for tea sellers to create packaging design that will attract and retain buyer’s attention. So what you should keep in mind while choosing pack for you tea?

High quality

It is extremely crucial to choose package that will properly preserve what’s inside it. For example, it must protect tea from sunlight, humidity, mold, and many other external factors which may shorten shelf life of the product. There are several types of tea packaging materials: such as tin cans, cardboard, stand-up pouches, and others.

Reflection of brand identity

Around 90% of consumers emphasize that colors and pictures are often associated with company. Creative tea packaging design can help to develop brand identity, so you should present your logo and color scheme on it. Your logo should be big and bright enough to attract attention, but it shouldn’t take all the space of the packaging and overwhelm it.

Selecting the exact proportions and size of the package in general to optimize costs is essential. Actually, it is recommended to cooperate with a tea supplier that can offer tea packaging services to meet the needs of wholesalers and consumers.


Expenses on tea packing will reflect your company budget. For instance, a tin can is more expensive to produce than a cardboard box. And if you want to compete with established tea brands, you should to invest more in materials and design of the package.

Tea packaging ideas

There are many ways you can create packaging for your tea product.

1.Single chamber tea bag (with tag).

Its main advantages are cheap price and convenience of using a tag. But it has some drawback as well. For example tea leaves have to be cut or broken down into small pieces in order to fit the tea bags. It directly leads to a decrease in different nutrients.

2.Pod bag.
This pot bag is mainly used to brew tea in a teapot for many people at the same time. It doesn’t have string and tag and is sold at a reasonable price. The main disadvantage is that it has a slow rate of tea extraction.

3.Pyramid tea bag.
A pyramid bag is often used for premium tea varieties as it can contain whole leaf tea. You can clearly see what’s inside, so it increases the visual attractiveness of the tea. A pyramid tea bag has the fastest rate of extraction. However, it is more expensive than other types of bags.
4.Cardboard box.
Cardboard is used to package numerous products as it’s very light and convenient. Moreover, such kind of package is relatively environmental friendly and is easy to transport in any destination or just take with you
5.Plastic pouch/paper pouch/tin can/vacuum pouch.
Tea packages can also be made of such materials as plastic, paper, aluminum, and others. The quality of tea is preserved well in such pouches, especially vacuum ones. They keep tea in a sturdy and curved appearance.

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