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Tea or Coffee: Which is Better for You and Your Health?

There are a lot of discussions about what beverage out of coffee and tea is better for the human health. Researches and surveys prove that both provide mostly similar benefits, but at the same time differently influence our mood, mental health, body and general condition. We conducted out small research to find out how exactly tea and coffee may affect us and what is better to choose.
Influence on the body

Tea contains a lot of polyphenols – a large group of thousands of naturally existing plant compounds. Some researches show that the plant compounds might help to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation. Besides, they regulate sugar and fat metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Green tea and coffee are also rich in such compounds like antioxidants, which may limit cell damage, boost the immune system and slow aging process.

Both coffee and tea contain caffeine that can help to burn calories. Caffeine can increase the amount of burned calories by 3-13% and maintain this effect for up to 3 hours after drinking tea or coffee, resulting in additional burns of up to 150 calories per day. It happens due to the chlorogenic acid found in coffee which inhibits the production of fat cells.

Prevention of the diseases

Drinking a few cups of coffee or tea a day reduce the risk of diabetes by 5-40%. In 2013 a study of coffee influence on human health proved that people who increase their coffee consumption by more than one cup per day over a four-year period, have an 11% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Coffee also reduces risk of Parkinson's disease, prevents dementia and Alzheimer's disease. The main cause of Parkinson’s disease is low level of dopamine: drinking coffee protects the brain cells that make it. It might also help lower your risk for Alzheimer’s as coffee is protective for your brain, but it’s not clear if it prevents disease or not. But it definitely prevents liver disease and colon cancer by blocking the formation of new blood vessels that can boost cancer cells.
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Another study investigated the connection between consumption of these drinks and probability of stroke. It was found out that that drinking 4 (960 ml) or more cups of black tea per day reduced the risk of stroke by 21%, while drinking 5 cups (1.2 L) of coffee a day reduced the risk of stroke by 23% comparing to the people who don’t drink coffee at all. However, it is worth to mention that such doses are not recommended for kids, pregnant women, people who have heart diseases, severe atherosclerosis, kidney disease, insomnia, and others. So it is important to consider health features because coffee may harm your body as well.

Nervous system and mental health

People who drink three cups of tea a day are 37% less likely to develop depression than those who do not drink it at all. Theobromine and theophylline in the composition of tea tone up the nervous system and help to relieve stress. In addition, L-theanine reduces the level of the "raging" hormone - cortisol. To increase stress resistance to stressful situations, it is recommended to drink green tea for 6 weeks. This is one of the best ways to cope with insomnia and anxiety. Сonsuming L-theanine along with caffeine – like in tea – can help you to be focused and increase concentration.

A recent analysis found that every cup of coffee drunk during the day reduces the risk of developing depression by nearly 8%. Coffee contains significant amounts of B vitamins, which help with nervous system health, and thus can improve how you feel during your day. Apart from tea, higher caffeine content will allow you to quickly cheer up and be more energetic. However, tea appears to provide a more sustained boost in energy than coffee because L-theanine contained in it metabolizes caffeine over a longer period of time.
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General condition and mood

The benefits of caffeine, that is contained in both tea and coffee, include increased performance and physical endurance, reduced fatigue, improved concentration, and increased mental alertness. As it was mentioned before vitamins in coffee can improve your mood and help to feel better.

Both coffee and tea increase your energy levels thanks to the caffeine in them. However, coffee gives you an instant energy lick, while tea provides a smooth boost. Due to different types of polyphenols (which are powerful antioxidants) in these drinks it is quite strong protection against heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases.

So, generally, coffee and tea have similar substances which provide numerous benefits for human health. One should choose based on health features and what is expected from the beverage – to calm and relax or to get a boost of energy and increase efficiency.

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