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Tips to Find and Choose Tea Supplier in Vietnam

Tea industry in Vietnam is steadily growing and developing. The country ranks 7th in global production of tea and has a great potential to expand more. Today, tea is grown in 34 Vietnamese provinces and cities with a total area of more than 123 thousand hectares. According to Statista forecasts, the tea market in Vietnam will grow annually by 5.7% during the period of 2022-2025. There are a lot of opportunities for launching tea business in Vietnam. But firstly, one of the most important things to do are finding and choosing right tea supplier in the country.
How to find a tea supplier in Vietnam

1) You can try to search on the Internet.

It is the easiest way to learn about tea supplier and find all necessary information about it.

2) Use E-commerce platforms

Alibaba and Amazon are the most popular global platforms for searching tea producers. There are a lot of manufacturers that provide different tea products from green tea to herbal and fusion tea. But check the company verification on these platforms before dealing with it.

3) Attend trade shows and fairs

The most popular ones are Vietnam Foodexpo, Coffee expo Vietnam, and Vietfood & Beverage. A lot of country's best tea exporters take part in such kind of fairs. All of them are held annually and cover other industries as well.
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4) Use business directories.

The largest and the most useful business directory in the Vietnam is Yellow Pages. Website of Yellow Pages provides comprehensive information about every company. You can find address, phone number, and business category that company work in (manufacturer, trading company, exporter, etc). The page of the company includes the link on its website (if there is one) and «send email» button. Besides, it covers main market that the entity export to and general information about it. Some of them also publish a catalog and photo gallery of their tea products.

Another business directory we recommend you to check is Vietnam. export. It is mostly for those who want to import tea from the country. The directory offers such information as company’s name, address, phone number, and email.

One more option is LISTCOMPANY. It includes the same information that others directories do. But in addition to that, you can find an information about number of employees working in the company and company revenue.

How to choose right tea company to cooperate with

Regardless of whether you like to sell green tea, black tea, or any others, here are some things to consider.
  1. Company’s experience in the tea business. An experienced company is always more reliable and trustworthy. If it operated in this industry for years it would be easier to learn more about it and get some reviews,
  2. Online presence. A reputed tea manufacturer most probably has its own website or online shop on different e-commerce platforms.
  3. Price. Don’t choose low-cost tea companies. There is probability that it uses additives or low quality tea leaves.
  4. Logistic process and minimum order the company can provide
Considering logistics is extremely important. Figure out what are shipping times, guarantees, what happens if there are delays; ask about payment method and deliver terms. If they offer many options to overcome some obstacles during the delivery process, they have quite flexible distribution system.

By asking minimum order you make sure that they will be able to provide you the necessary quantity of product in future. In general, the more they offer, the more secure and reliable they are.

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