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Start a Tea Business
in Vietnam

Tea one of the most popular beverages in the world and Vietnam is not an exception. There is high demand for this product in the country and abroad and Vietnam export it to others countries. Launching tea business is supposed to be beneficial and profitable. We conducted a research to tell you what are the reasons of starting tea business in Vietnam. You will learn how to do it successfully through using the services of private label companies in Vietnam.
Reasons to make your own tea brand

Here are some numbers that prove the growth of tea industry (as well as food and beverage industry in the country). You can observe the growth of its demand on the domestic market, and the benefits of tea trading. According to the data from Statista:
  • Revenue in the tea segment in Vietnam reached $3.22 billion in 2022. The market is expected to grow by 4.48% every year.
  • In relation to total population figures, per person revenues from tea amounts of $31.34 in 2022. It is 4% more than it was the previous year.
  • In the tea segment, volume is expected to be 109.6mkg by 2025. The market for tea will show a volume growth of 5.8% in 2023.
Vietnamese tea market is growing and expanding with demand on it.
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Revenue in the tea segment in Vietnam, 2012-2025
How to start a tea business in Vietnam

Create consumer profile and monitor competitors.

Figure out who you are going to sell your products considering geographic, psychographic and behavioral characteristics, age, income level. After audience investigation you will understand how to attract people or companies and use this information to guide the direction to your trade development.

Assessment of industry is important as well. Monitor your competitors, estimate what you like about their work. What you think you can do better? Consider it as you continue to develop your tea brand. Think about advantages that you can use to compete with market leaders.

Choose your taste and decide what kind of tea you would like to sell.

You can choose such loose-leaf teas as green tea, black tea, herbal tea, fusion tea, premium tea, or maybe joint of all of them. By the way, green tea is one of the most consumed tea variety in Vietnam. Find out whether you want to sell tea blends or it will be pure tea, whether to dry tea or not. And finally, choose the package for your tea product.
Determine how do you want to sell tea

You have such options as selling tea online, running wholesale business to supply other retail shops and cafés. Maybe you're already a tea house owner and want to control the quality and taste of your tea through your blend. Or you want to export tea and set up trading company. You can even mix all these options and lead several business activities simultaneously.

But there are particular steps to be taken for each of the ways to sell your tea. If you want to get your tea on supermarket shelves you will have to look for a space and look it right. If you want to sell the products via marketplaces you must register your app or website as an e-commerce platform and prepare necessary documents.

Find tea supplier in Vietnam

One of the most useful directories to find right manufacturers in Vietnam are Yellow Pages. There you can get information about companies that offer what you need and ways of contact them.

Trade shows and fair unite numerous companies specialized in different spheres: from manufacturers and suppliers to trading companies. VIETNAM EXPO that which is the largest trade fair in Vietnam is a good option. Apart from tea and other beverages it covers a lot of other industries: Agricultural products, Machinery & Supporting industries, Electric & Electronics, etc.
Alibaba and Amazon are the most popular global platforms for searching Vietnam tea suppliers. But firstly check the company verification on these platforms before dealing with them. You have to make sure they are real entities with real tea factories in Vietnam.

You can check the supplier by visiting factory and its stock, finding out whether they export to other countries. Find out how many counties import its products, does it have any certificates, etc.

Vietnam Coffee & Tea Co.

Often, businesses that want to launch tea use the services of private label tea companies (that are can be private label tea companies). Our Vietnam Coffee & Tea Co. is a private label tea company in Vietnam. We can help you put a mix or blend of different ingredients and create an appropriate packaging for you.

Vietnam Coffee & Tea Co. has equipped factory and an experienced team to deliver the roasting profile you need. We obtain all necessary certificates and have well-established logistic system. If you are looking for reliable tea supplier in Vietnam contact us to learn more details for possible cooperation!