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Reasons to Choose Private Label Coffee for Your Business

Coffee occupies significant place in Vietnamese culture and economy. It is one of the most popular and high-quality items produced and consumed in the country. If a company wants to sell coffee in Vietnam, regardless of whether it is domestic or foreign, one of the best ways to do it is private labeling. It is an effective way to form your customer base and increase your revenue. Read on to learn what is private labeling, what are the reasons why companies should choose it, and how can it help your business grow.
What is private label coffee?

Private label coffee is coffee manufactured by one company but packaged and sold under the name of a client’s brand. It considers collaborating with an established manufacturer to produce high-quality coffee for retailers.
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Reasons to choose private label coffee:


Private label coffee companies usually offer coffee products that can be manufactured only for a particular client to create the unique image and identity. It will distinguish your coffee and give you strong competitive advantage. So client can express suggestions for creating unique product together with private label coffee companies. The amount of flexibility clients have allows create blends from different origins to develop new flavor combinations which best suits them.

Increase of customer loyalty

Loyalty is formed due to the advantage in the price-quality ratio. A private label forms a distinctive advantage over competitors by offering the consumer a unique set of products at the best prices. Moreover, private label coffee have reached higher quality levels and consistency because of product innovations and developed manufacturing processes. A better reputation surrounding private label products has led to better brand loyalty, with consumers staying loyal to one store because they know that is the only place they can find the private label item.

Sales growth

Private labeling can be very profitable. You can increase you revenue by eliminating the expenses on middleman that sells well-known coffee brands and introducing your own products at a more affordable prices. According to Statista research (2019), consumers prefer to buy private label products from the stores and supermarkets that they trust.
Reduced dependency on suppliers

Private label helps to reduce the influence of brands on retailers and fill the missing range with your own brand. This way the retailer can control distribution of products.

Increase of retailer’s brand awareness

People became aware of retailer’s product under its name, it directly leads to sales increase and, as a result, revenue boost. With private labeling, you can also start your own coffee brand and let it solve all the issues with manufacturing process and getting necessary certificates that prove quality of the products.

Grow your business without any hustle

Adding private label coffee to your business won’t be a problem at all. Private labeling companies solve it for you and do all the things. They are responsible for the whole manufacturing process; a lot of them also offer packaging and design services as well. All you have to do is to deliver products and put your brand name on package.

Vietnam Coffee and Tea Company is private-label producer based in Vietnam. We can help with all aspects of the necessary processes: branding, taste development, blending, coffee roasting, and packing. Join us to grow your business and boost revenue!