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How to Sell Tea Online

After water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. The global tea market is estimated at nearly $55 billion and expected to grow by 6.6% annually.It was also found that almost 80% of all US households consume tea. No wonder why there are more and more companies that try to set up and expand tea business, especially through online stores. Learn how to sell tea online and succeed in this sphere.
Get a clear idea of your tea business

Firstly, you need to clarify some moments for yourself in order to set future direction for the tea business.

What is your purpose? Do you want to focus on flavor, or you want to promote health and sustainable products? Think about whether you would like to sell specialty tea, flavored blends, or something like green tea. The last one is more popular and will attract a wider audience. Maybe you want to appeal more people by creating unique tea product with unusual taste?

Decide main direction for business to create your brand image that you will promote in social media and other Internet sources.

Create business entity and online store

In order to become legal entity and start to sell tea online you need to register business in accordance with legal requirements. Depending on what country you are in, you can register online or submit all the documents in person. You may also have to apply for special permission in your state. So get in touch with your government to find out what exactly you need to set up online tea business.

Online tea seller needs a platform to complete all payments and transactions securely. It may be website that can also be your storefront and promote a simple shopping experience. Or it can also be an online shop on different e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, and others.

While adding content to your website, keep in mind that you can also create helpful tea-themed blog posts. It will help to build your audience and increase brand awareness. Make sure that your product pages have clear photos and brief, clear and comprehensive descriptions.
Develop your product line

It’s essential to create a quality product and promote it professionally. You have two main options regarding product development, which are:

• Flavored teas and blends. This way you can attract customers who enjoy different tea flavors or combinations. You can find tea supplier or wholesaler and create unique tea flavors by yourself. For example, many blends include a classic tea as a base and then are complimented by dried fruits, spices, flowers, or herbs for flavor. Classic or true teas are those grown from the Camellia Sinensis plant and mainly include green tea and black tea. You can also work with a private label tea supplier. It will produce tea, create blends, and package products according to your preferences and requirements.

• Single-origin teas. It is kind of tea that allows people to get it from a particular region or country. Teas grown in different parts of the world have distinct flavor. They can even taste different, depending on the time of year it was produced. You can buy single-origin teas from a wholesaler of the particular country as well. For example, Vietnam Coffee & Tea Co. supplies real Vietnamese tea from the most pristine regions of this country.

Promote your tea on the Internet and get your website properly optimized

Ensure SEO e-commerce platform. Through expertly realized SEO practices, your website’s pages would be easy to locate in search engines. Thus, it will attract more potential customers to your tea business. Besides, your website should be user-friendly so that customers would navigate it easily on any device. Through effective digital marketing, your tea business may grow faster and gain more profit.

Advertise on e-commerce platforms. Use services offered by numerous marketplaces that are available and most popular in your region. It may be Amazon, eBay, or Lazada, Shopee, and Tiki which, for example, are extremely popular in Vietnam. Paid advertisements on external websites may bring great results, and it allows you to promote and grow your business on the Internet.

If you want to sell tea online, you need a reliable and trustworthy tea supplier. Vietnam Coffee & Tea Co. is a private label tea company based in Vietnam. We can help you with creating blends and packaging tea products. Vietnam Coffee & Tea Co. has equipped factory and an experienced team to deliver high quality products you need. We obtain all necessary certificates and have well-established logistic system. If you are looking for reliable tea supplier in Vietnam contact us to learn more details about possible cooperation!