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Benefits of Using Coffee
Co-packing Services

The production process is very expensive, so number of companies uses co-packing services. Here we want to talk about what is coffee co-packing and what are the benefits of using co-packing services in coffee business.

What is coffee co-packing and who is a co-packer?

A co-packer (contract packer) is a company that packages products for clients. Those products may include food, beverages, powders, clothing, beauty products, and many others. Coffee packing includes whole beans coffee, its blends, instant coffee, etc.

In some cases, a co-packer can offer such services as producing, processing, and blending all the ingredients before packaging coffee.

Benefits of using co-packing services in coffee business

A co-packer may significantly benefit to your business.

1. Reduce of overall costs

Large scale packaging is quite expensive. Equipment of your facilities will probably cost you a lot of money. Co-packers have already invested in needed infrastructure to produce private label coffee. They have scalable production facilities, advanced equipment, and experienced team.

While your co-packer is responsible for production, you can focus more on other spheres of your business such as marketing, product innovations, etc.

2. Modern equipment

Contract packaging companies have all the equipment which is needed to roast and package coffee beans according to your preferences. Their modernized facility can offer commercial-grade lab services to provide third-party analysis or verification of the products.

3. Increase of scalable capacity

Co-packers have the ability to scale production capacity quickly and keep up with growth can be extremely significant for coffee business. They can provide everything to help you increase production volumes if you need to.

4. Faster turns

Co-packers that have rich experience in coffee industry can provide faster turns. The earlier you apply for a co-packer services, the faster you will get set up and ready to sell it. This way you can ensure shorter lead times to deliver your products on store shelves.

5. Certification

Coffee co-packer has probably taken measures to certify facility. So you don’t have to invest your time and money in dealing with audits by yourself. Co-packer’s facility is registered and approved, so the products meet the quality standards.

Coffee co-packer qualities to look for

There are several things to take into consideration when looking for a co-packer that will help grow your coffee business. Before cooperating with a co-packer, seek the qualities mentioned below to ensure that you are making the right decision.

1.Market knowledge.
It’s extremely vital to cooperate with a co-packer that has needed knowledge and experience regarding your product or industry.

2.Cost-effectiveness and high quality.
Some coffee brands can prioritize looking for the least expensive manufacturing services. But suppliers that offer low prices normally have to cut corners in production process, which results in a low-quality product. By cooperating with the right co-packer, you will get a balance of quality and price to get the best coffee.

3.Exceptional customer service
Goof co=packer will provide top-notch service and assistance throughout the whole process by answering questions you might have during it.

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