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Everything About Coffee Bean Supply Chain

More than 2 million cups of coffee are consumed daily all around the world. But before coffee beans get to your cup in the morning, they go through complex and multistage process. Read on to find out about coffee bean supply chain and how to find a reliable coffee supplier in Vietnam.

Coffee bean supply chain

1.Growing. Two types of coffee plants, which are Arabica and Robusta, grow mainly in South America, Asia, and Africa at quite high altitudes. Arabica coffee beans, that have complex flavor and less caffeine, are used to make specialty drinks. Robusta beans offer strong flavors that are used to make instant blends and espresso.

2.Harvesting. The plants give first crop after 4-7 years and provide it for about 25 years. Each coffee berry contains 2 beans. They can be harvested both by hand and with a machine.

3.Processing. After coffee berries are harvested, they dry in the sun. They pass through a pulping machine in order to remove the outer layer from the coffee beans. After that, water channels separate them by weight.

4.Milling. During the stage of the dry mill, all the impurities are removed. A hulling process removes another layer. Then, sorting sorts the beans by their density, color, and size.

5.Roasting. The raw beans go to a heated drum of about 240 degrees. Duration of roasting in the drum depends on the type of roast; it can be about 12-18 minutes. Then, they are replaced from the roasting drum and cooled in big trays.
6.Packaging. The coffee beans are packaged into nitrogen flushed bags, pods, or cups. Such materials as foil laminate protect them from moisture, oxygen, and light.

7.Shipping. The beans can be shipped by both land and air. Coffee suppliers usually sell them to retailers, distributors, and direct to consumers.

8.Grinding. Brewing coffee at home may involve a grinding by hand or by machine.

9.Brewing. Espresso requires pressurized water to pass through the grounds, while using French press is about mixing the water with the grounds and steeping.

10.Consuming. You can enjoy your coffee!

How to find reliable coffee supplier in Vietnam

1.Search on the Internet to find directories.

One of the most useful directories that will help you find trustworthy coffee supplier and manufacturer in Vietnam is Yellow Pages. There you can get information about companies and ways to contact them.

2.Use E-commerce platforms.

Alibaba and Amazon are the most popular global platforms for searching Vietnamese coffee suppliers. There are numerous manufacturers that provide different coffee products. But ensure checking the company verification before dealing with them to make sure they are real entities with coffee factories in Vietnam.

3.Participate in trade shows and fairs.

Trade shows and fair help to get together a lot of companies specialized in different spheres: from suppliers to trading companies. Coffee Expo Vietnam, The Café Show Vietnam, and VIETNAM EXPO are held annually and are devoted to coffee, dessert, and other industries.

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